the gift of anger

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Seven Steps to Uncover the Meaning of Anger and Gain Awareness, True Strength, and Peace

by Marcia Cannon, Ph.D., MFT

Can Anger Be A Gift?

Anger’s best-kept secret is that it is designed to be a positive force that can lead you to inner exploration and healing. It has the power to help you understand, trust, and appreciate yourself more fully, while at the same time increasing your inner strength.

What gives your anger this power is its unerring ability to guide you to the tender and painful feelings that we all carry deep inside, and to the unmet needs and mistaken beliefs that fuel that pain and keep it in place. Then, you can use the power of your anger to help you heal and strengthen those vulnerable places as you learn how to meet your core needs and update the old, often hidden beliefs that have kept you stuck.Book Front Cover

No matter what level of anger you experience – from mild irritation to rage – the 7-step gift-of-anger process helps you uncover and work with your anger’s true cause. As a result, you learn to appreciate and use any level of anger as a guide to inner well-being and interpersonal peace.

Using The Gift of Anger and the gift-of-anger process, you can:

This is your anger’s true potential. This is the Gift of Anger.